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in the soil 2013! 

I'm so very excited to be going to St. Catharines again this year for the 2013 In the Soil Festival! Here's a promo video for the festival that includes images of my audience-made yarn art from last year's festival!

end of holiday, start of summer! 

Just got back from holidays at a cottage on Lake Winnipeg... weather was beautiful and we had an amazing time!
So in an homage to water, boats, sunsets, etc., here's the video for my recent collaboration with Ruoho Ruotsi.

shooting this weekend!! 

videos... not deer or people.

am shooting 2 videos this weekend. one for the taperecorder song, 'denmark' that i did a version of, and one for my song, 'shine'. if you're in montreal on sunday, come to the mont-royal metro station at 2pm and be in the video!!

deare's bliss 

i recently came across a great Los Angleles based podcast called Eclectic Bliss, whose tagline is "submerge in delicious music" - sounds yummy, right? the lovely girl who does the podcast has already been so kind as to play "hum" and she also just included my song "deare" in her latest podcast! She plays great stuff and is really worth checking out - not just because she plays my music! :D

to further the bliss of "deare," here's the video that my brother and i shot for the song, for those of you who have never seen it: