new digs

welcome to my new 'n' improved website. it's still coming together, but i'm pretty pleased with it so far. let me know what you think!

as a thank you, i'm offering, for free, the moment-of-creation version of my song "hum" to everyone who joins my mailing list (see where to do that? top right corner?). it's the live, one-take recording that i did as it was being written. you can read the full story behind that lovely moment
here and the EP of "hum" which includes two lovely remixes is for sale here. AND if your mp3's artwork doesn't come up in your player, contact me and i'll send it to you. i put a lotta love into my little paperclip masterpiece (teehee) and i want to make sure it gets shared along with the song!

come back soon to see and hear more, but feel free to click around and check out what's already here!

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