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One Man Band Festival: show + workship 

So very looking forward to playing at the One Man Band Festival this weekend in Montreal! This year, there are 4 days of music, at 6 different venues!! I'm at Divan Orange on Saturday night (May 25), sharing the stage with Ira Lee, Chris Velan and Oldfolks Home (our 4th show together!!). Indie Montreal is sponsoring the night and have included Robot Bomb Shelter for all your late night dancing needs!

I'm also speaking at a festival workshop that afternoon called "The Lonely Road of the One Man Band." I'll try not to cry.

my words / your art / our video 

AMAZING!!! The people of St. Catharines made wonderful artwork inspired by my song lyrics!! I loved seeing how people interpreted my lyrics differently and it was heartwarming to see people's positive reaction to the project! I was also pleased to get mentioned in the St. Catharines Standard's article on the festival!

You can see some of the artwork created, alongside the songs that the lyrics come from here: my words / your art. This experiment is part of a larger project I've been scheming about, so stay posted for more details!

Here's me, happy in the sun, as the first creations flap in the wind!

Here are many of the pieces... at the end of the night.

Thanks In the Soil and St. Catharines for another wonderful festival!

my words / your art / our video 

This year at St. Catharines' In the Soil Arts Festival, I'm going to trying an idea I've had to create "crowd-sourced" artwork. I'm asking festival goers to create artwork inspired by lyrics to my songs. That artwork will then become part of the live video mixing that Etienne will do at my performance that night. I'm going to be set up at the Festival Hub on Satruday, April 27, from 11am to about 2pm with art supplies, and then my musical performance (with live video) will be at the Festival Hub at 8pm. I'm really looking forward to seeing how this turns out!!

a wee bit crazy? 

I was invited to take part in an In the Soil Arts Festival Mash-Up in which I'll be joining dancer Susanna Hood and illustrator Brittany Brooks as the three of us perform 30 minutes of interactive improvisation together! I think it's a brilliant idea, which is why I jumped at the chance! Now as I get ready for it, I'm realizing that while I have improvised with other musicians, I've never had to improvise completely on my own.... 30 minutes...just me making music with my sampler, Wurlitzer and loop pedal... eek! The event is called The Loop, and if you're in the Niagara region, come to the Mikado in St. Catharines on Saturday, April 27, 3pm to see if I can pull it off!!!

in the soil 2013! 

I'm so very excited to be going to St. Catharines again this year for the 2013 In the Soil Festival! Here's a promo video for the festival that includes images of my audience-made yarn art from last year's festival!

Christmas at the Oldfolks Home 

No, I'm not doing a tour of local seniors' residencies.... although, now that I mention it, I feel a bit bad that I'm not - dressed slightly differently than the poster suggests, of course!

It's a Christmas house concert put on by Winnipeg band Oldfolks Home. From Giants, another Winnipeg band, will also be playing! And I'll be doing an acoustic set with some holiday songs à la moi. It's going to be oh so seasonal!!

edge of the city 

This Saturday in Montreal, I'll playing at the Montreal Improv as part of the Edge of the City Showcase. Local cutie pies, Motel Raphaël will also be playing BUT there's more! The evening also includes some stand up comedy and storytelling - from people other than the musicians (although we'll try to be funny, I'm sure). The whole night is being recorded to be broadcast on the Edge of the City Podcast in December!

Pop in the park! 

It's POP Montreal season again and I'm very excited to be a part of a free, outdoor show on Saturday. It's presented by Pop Montreal, Cult MTL and Audio Blood Media, and there's music all day! I'm on at 5:50 pm at UQAM's Place Pasteur... and the ever-entertaining Irreverend James and the Critical Mass Choir are up after me!