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my words / your art / our video 

AMAZING!!! The people of St. Catharines made wonderful artwork inspired by my song lyrics!! I loved seeing how people interpreted my lyrics differently and it was heartwarming to see people's positive reaction to the project! I was also pleased to get mentioned in the St. Catharines Standard's article on the festival!

You can see some of the artwork created, alongside the songs that the lyrics come from here: my words / your art. This experiment is part of a larger project I've been scheming about, so stay posted for more details!

Here's me, happy in the sun, as the first creations flap in the wind!

Here are many of the pieces... at the end of the night.

Thanks In the Soil and St. Catharines for another wonderful festival!

my words / your art / our video 

This year at St. Catharines' In the Soil Arts Festival, I'm going to trying an idea I've had to create "crowd-sourced" artwork. I'm asking festival goers to create artwork inspired by lyrics to my songs. That artwork will then become part of the live video mixing that Etienne will do at my performance that night. I'm going to be set up at the Festival Hub on Satruday, April 27, from 11am to about 2pm with art supplies, and then my musical performance (with live video) will be at the Festival Hub at 8pm. I'm really looking forward to seeing how this turns out!!